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2023 Tai Sui Crystal Guide


2023 Tai Sui Crystal Guide: The Most Powerful Tai Sui Crystals for the Year of the Rabbit

In the year 2023, aside from those born in the year of the Rabbit, those born in the year of the Dragon, Horse, Rooster, and Rat will also be affected by Tai Sui.

Tai Sui refers to a clash between your zodiac sign and the Tai Sui of the year. In a year when you are affected by Tai Sui, there will typically be more significant impacts on your life, such as changes in romantic relationships, career, family, or health.

JAISHOP recommends 4 of the most powerful Tai Sui crystals to help you have a smooth year ahead!

Most Powerful Tai Sui Crystal - Sunstone

Sunstone is a commonly used crystal for Tai Sui, as it has very positive energy that can effectively counteract the negative energy brought by those around you. It also helps you attract benefactors, enhance your career luck, and brings you good fortune and protection, making it an ideal crystal to help you navigate the year of Tai Sui.


Healing Tai Sui Crystal - Arusha

Arusha is a crystal formed by a combination of green feldspar and sunstone. This combination helps to transform negative energy into positive energy. Additionally, Arusha is excellent for enhancing career luck and has healing effects that can help you relax and manage any stress or anxiety brought on by the year of Tai Sui.

Career-Oriented Tai Sui Crystal -
Bloodshot Iolite

The year of Tai Sui can be a turning point in your career. Bloodshot Iolite is a rare variety of jasper that can help you attract wealth, people, and opportunities, enhance your decision-making and leadership abilities, and boost your career. Make the most of the year of Tai Sui and strive for new heights in your career with the help of Bloodshot Iolite.


Protective Tai Sui Crystal -
Black Sunstone

The year of Tai Sui can be a turbulent year, and negative emotions and energies can easily invade your life. Black Sunstone has the power to dissolve negative energy and protect you from the negative effects of Tai Sui. It can also enhance your health and vitality, attract benefactors, and bring you good fortune and protection. It is an excellent choice for those who are affected by Tai Sui in the year 2023.

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