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[Quick notes] 3 main categories of jewelry and metals. 


[Quick notes] 3 main categories of jewelry and metals. 

Most jewelry in JAISHOP is made of 18K Gold with a substantial weight. Even though the material is 18K Gold, the jewelry is presented in silver, gold, and rose gold. Here are 3 main categories of jewelry and metal for your reference!

Sterling silver (Ag)

We always see the inner surface of a silver ring is carved ‘999’ or ‘s925’. They represent the purity of the silver. 999 means the silver ring is almost made of pure silver while 925 represents 7.5% of other metals added in the silver rings.


Pure silver is softer which is more difficult in creating a complex shape. Some people like the oxidation of their silver product while some dislike it when it turns black.



24K Gold means pure gold which has a good ability in malleability, so it’s very suitable to match and create a variety of precious jewelry. However, 24K Gold is too soft which is easy to reshape. Therefore, people usually added other metals into the gold to create products which are firm and easy to reshape.


18K Gold is most frequently adopted in JAISHOP design. However, how can we create products with colour like golden, silver and rose gold by using 18K Gold?

<Coloured gold>

Why is coloured gold frequently used? Beauty? You are right! It’s beautiful in which coloured precious metal is added on the surface of the gold through electroplating. This means the ductility of the gold can be utilized with changes of various colours.

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