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Detail & Beauty Focused.

This shining d-block Tanzanite must be a perfect match with the most precise crafting method.

The whole 18K gold ring has numerous details. However, it adopts the aerodynamic design which looks light and sticks to fingers like wearing a gorgeous yarn on your finger.

The front of the ring designs a 2mm diamond to surround the solitaire. It highlights the brightness of the tanzanite. The shape of the polygon is also created by 18k rose gold. We also add an extra thin beaded fringe to reveal its classical beauty.

Same with the diamond ring, 18k rose gold is also used to surround the diamond arm. Adding beaded fringe also reflects its details and beauty.

We wish you to enjoy and appreciate the finest jewelry and its beauty in JAISHOP, designing your Dream Jewelry✨

Classic Tanzanite Ring

SKU: 0017
  • D-Block Tanzanite, known as the "most beautiful Tanzanite," is the most vibrant and colorful variety of Tanzanite. Due to its high mining difficulty, it is considered the most valuable variety in the jewelry market.✨

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