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An 18K gold ring with a triangular blue sapphire is just stunning! It shines so brightly 🤩 that even such a simple design can't hide its brilliance. It's recommended to pair it with simple clothing to make the ring the centerpiece of the outfit!

The ring design is simple yet irregular, perfect for bringing a bit of edginess to your elegant style ☄️.

💍【Elegant Style】Triangle Blue Sapphire Ring 🌟

SKU: 0042
  • Sapphire/ruby/corundum/sapphire are essentially the same, being a hard and very sparkling gemstone, with a hardness level slightly lower than that of diamond.Corundum has a wide range of colors, with the most valuable being 💙sapphire💙 and ❤️ruby❤️.JAISHOP's colored sapphires are characterized by very fine color gradations, without any color jumping, and also include the most precious red and blue sapphires.

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