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This 5ct peridot is very flashing😍as it uses the techniques of diamond cut which is referred from the cutting techniques of diamonds to create a more flashing peridot than the ordinary one✨


It’s easy for peridot to have cracks and Chromite. However, it’s rare for this 5ct peridot to remain eye clean🧐 It should be the overlord among peridots🤩


💍Introduction of setting🔨

Customer uses an 18k gold setting to embed the peridot thickly. It looks clean and simple, highlighting a bigger peridot which people pay attention to🥳


Symbolic meaning of peridot🍀

Peridot symbolizes wisdom and a harmonious family. It also brings luck to the wearers🍀✨

The green ray reflected from the peridot also symbolizes wealth💚which reinforces your fortune in making money💰

🍀Peridot - 5ct eye-clean 🍀

SKU: 0013
  • 橄欖石獨有的綠色十分柔和,象徵溫婉智慧和幸福家庭,更會為佩戴者帶來好運🍀✨



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