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Tsavorite is rich in color and has a high refractive index, which is better than emerald in terms of lower impurities and cracks. It has a higher plasticity as well. In the past decades after the discovery of the Tsavorite, it quickly became a popular item among green jewelry.


Tsavorite is the perfect match with gold because of its emerald green in coloured. JAISHOP uses pave setting to embed 9 pieces of tsavorites onto a 18k gold ring. It looks simple but full of details. We emphasis the details of embellishment which reveals luxury and beauty inside.

💚Tsavorite golden rings💚

SKU: 0007
  • 【Tsavorite】Tsavorite, with its vibrant color, high clarity, and high refractive index, is a member of the garnet family. The garnet family has a wide range of colors and a variety of species. Because its transparent crystal is similar to pomegranate fruit, it is also known as "tsavorite garnet".

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