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A gift reserves for you🎁


Every Christmas and New Year, you may worry about giving presents to friends and family. Have you ever thought of buying yourself a gift🎁 The best gift isn’t this ring but your existence.


This ring symbolizes gift, using 18k platinum to tie into ribbon with luxurious diamonds💎perfectly connecting rings and solitaire. Two heavily weighted aquamarines shaped in water drop💧slightly hold inside the ribbons, creating a bow. From now on, this ribbon reminds yourself that you are unique and the best gift to yourself.

💎Aquamarine gift rings💎

SKU: 0008
  • Aquamarine symbolizes bravery and happiness, and the sea blue sapphire from JAISHOP is characterized by a rich Santa Maria color that exudes a strong oceanic vibe 🌊 The color is different from most other sea blue sapphires on the market, which tend to be either too white or too gray.

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