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Tourmaline comes in many colors, like the orange-tone tourmaline that resembles a sunset's romantic scenery. Tourmaline is rarely cut into a round shape, but with exquisite cutting techniques, each angle can reflect the warm light of the sun reflected on the sea during sunset, making one feel very peaceful.

【Ring Design】

The customer chose to use 6 diamonds to form an elegant lotus pedestal that gently holds the main stone 🌺.

This design with more details is suitable for wearing a half-arm diamond to match, making the overall feel more balanced and noble 💍

🌄Tourmaline. Sunset. Twilight🌄

SKU: 0027
  • Tourmaline, known as the "rainbow fallen to earth," is not only a very popular "multi-functional crystal," but its clear crystals can also be cut into colorful gemstones. Its wide range of colors makes it very suitable for jewelry design.

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