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Rubellite is one of the Tourmaline. It’s colorful and transparent which can be cut as multi-coloured jewelry.


Ms. JAI highly recommends this Rubellite with heavy concentration. Together with two diamonds using gold to embed as a ring💍this ring looks simple at first glance. However, when you appreciate it carefully, you will see a thin milgrain drawn out from 18k gold.


The thinner of the milgrain, the more elegant the ring, the more skillful of the craftsman. The twisted ring made with 18k gold creates a playful mood of the ring.


Every jewelry in the world is unique. We believe every customer can carefully select jewelry and design their unique products with love and emotions.


JAISHOP welcomes every customer to select each jewelry and gem and design the style and shape of their products.

Rubellite luxurious gold rings (JAISHOP’s recommendation)

SKU: 0010
  • Tourmaline, known as the "rainbow fallen to earth," is not only a very popular "multi-functional crystal," but its clear crystals can also be cut into colorful gemstones. Its wide range of colors makes it very suitable for jewelry design.

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