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Apart from the rich colors, what makes blue sapphires and rubies fascinating is that their refractive index is only slightly lower than diamonds, resulting in a very sparkling effect.

In fact, whether blue sapphires or rubies, they both come from the same family - the corundum family. The color range of corundum is very wide, blue corundum is blue sapphire, and red corundum is ruby.

In addition, other colored corundums, like blue and red sapphires, also have a very shining nature and emit different colors.

Whether made into necklaces, bracelets, or rings, corundum is always very dazzling✨✨😆 Feel free to unleash your creativity😏 and make the colored corundum into your dream jewelry! Having a corundum jewelry can make you the center of attention✨

Blue Sapphire. Ruby. Colored Corundum Bracelet🧐🌈

SKU: 0030
  • Sapphire/ruby/corundum/sapphire are essentially the same, being a hard and very sparkling gemstone, with a hardness level slightly lower than that of diamond.

    Corundum has a wide range of colors, with the most valuable being 💙sapphire💙 and ❤️ruby❤️.

    JAISHOP's colored sapphires are characterized by very fine color gradations, without any color jumping, and also include the most precious red and blue sapphires.

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