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💙This blue-green #Sapphire has a highly sought-after color without undergoing any heat treatment.🧐

This Teal Sapphire is set low-key but firmly on an 18K gold cross, exuding a sense of solemnity.

The cross-shaped pendant uses #18K white gold as the bracket and #18K yellow gold for the inlay, which can highlight the central inlay part. 💡

<The back is also full of thought!>

The back is flipped, and the craftsman manually casts vine plants all over the cross. 🌿

🌿18K Gold Sapphire - Vine Plant Bicolor Cross Pendant🌿

SKU: 0054
  • Sapphire/ruby/corundum/sapphire are essentially the same, being a hard and very sparkling gemstone, with a. hardness level slightly lower than that of diamond.Corundumhas a. wide range of colors, with the most valuable being 💙sapphire💙 and ❤️ruby❤️.JAISHOP's colored sapphires arecharacterized by very fine color gradations, without any color jumping, and also include the most precious red and blue sapphires.

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