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When I saw the actual piece of this ring, I was amazed because it's so delicate and exquisite! The entire ring is supported by lines that cleverly hide four diamonds in the corners of the main stone. It's a ring that really shows off the skills of the setter!

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Each line is delicately lined with tiny lattice edges (superb craftsmanship!) and with a double-layer hollow design, the ring looks substantial but without any heaviness. 🐘 It's a ring that women can easily wear and manage!

- 😍鏤空轆珠邊坦桑戒指 😍-

SKU: 0032
  • D-Block Tanzanite, known as the "most beautiful Tanzanite," is the most vibrant and colorful variety of Tanzanite. Due to its high mining difficulty, it is considered the most valuable variety in the jewelry market.✨

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