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The heavyweight gemstone is paired with a thick 18K white gold ring, which feels very high-quality.

The teardrop-shaped Tanzanite ring is surrounded by diamonds, and the thick ring shank with a mirror-like finish supports this weighty #DBlock Tanzanite, making the overall proportion very balanced👍🏻

🤫The customer also had a secret message engraved inside the ring. If you both want to secretly engrave a message, feel free to tell Ms. JAI anytime 🥳

💙Diamond 18K White Gold Tanzanite Couple Ring - Teardrop Shape 💙

SKU: 0039
  • D-Block Tanzanite, known as the "most beautiful Tanzani," imost vibrant and colorful variety of Tanzanite. Due to its high mining difficulty, it is considered the most valuable variety in the jewelry market.✨

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