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Discerning customers love #bluesapphire, and many of them ask if we can make some #minimalist daily wear styles with blue sapphire 🥰

Using Pavé Setting, we can create exquisite feeling with minimal gold material 💖 The thick band ring with white gold is more edgy and suitable for women with personality!

The minimalist blue sapphire band ring has both the preciousness of royal blue sapphire and the versatility of a daily wear piece! 🥳

I would describe it as a "wear-it-without-thinking" ring, as it can be worn with any outfit without much thought, or can be layered with other rings for a stylish look!

〰️🔹18K White Gold Blue Sapphire Minimalist Daily Thick Band Ring🔹〰️

SKU: 0041
  • Sapphire/ruby/corundum/sapphire are essentially the same, being a hard and very sparkling gemstone, with. a hardness level slightly lower than that of diamond.Corundum has a wide range of colors, with the most valuable being 💙sapphire💙 and ❤️ruby❤️.JAISHOP's colored sapphires are characterizedby very fine color gradations, without any color jumping, and also include the most precious red and blue sapphires.

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