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Red spinel was often mistaken for ruby in the past. The famous "Black Prince's Ruby" 💎on the crown of the late Queen Elizabeth II of England was actually a red spinel!

This ring has a design that evokes a medieval feel, with an 18K gold thick band and a red spinel stone. The "beaded edge" surrounding the stone gives it a royal crown-like appearance👑, which inspires a sense of respect and admiration. 💃🏻

❤️18K Gold Red Spinel Vintage Ring ❤️

SKU: 0052
  • Red spinel, which was often. mistaken for ruby in the past, isa gemstone that is frequently misunderstood. The "Black Prince's Ruby," which is both red and sparkling. on the late Quee. Elizabeth II's crown, is actually a red spinel! The color range of spinel is wide, and there is a great deal of flexibility in how it canbe designed. Come to JAISHOP with anydesign ideas you have!

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