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💚This water drop-shaped emerald green #tourmaline has a rich and intense color! The crystal is very clean, with very few impurities and cracks, making it a rare and beautiful green tourmaline 😍

💎Three slightly grayish-blue sapphires have a natural and realistic appearance. The grayish color highlights its brilliance even more 💖

Combining these two gemstones into a ring creates a sense of luxury and elegance without being too ostentatious 🥰 It's the perfect ring for sophisticated women!

🍀Elegant and Luxurious 18k Gold Ring with Green Tourmaline🌿

SKU: 0050
  • Sapphire/ruby/corundum/sapphire. are essentially the same, being a hard and verysparkling gemstone, with a hardness level slightly lower than that of diamond.Corundum has a wide range of colors, with the most valuable being 💙sapphire💙 and ❤️ruby❤️.JAISHOP's colored sapphires are characterized by very fine color gradations, without any color jumping, and also include the most precious red and blue sapphires.

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