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【Lavender Tanzanite】

Tanzanite symbolizes eternal true love and the "Heart of the Ocean" in the movie "Titanic" is a tanzanite stone. Tanzanite is a precious gemstone that is "Eye-clean" with over 3 carats. This lavender tanzanite also has a slight pink hue on its cut surface, making it a perfect fairy-like stone!

The gemstone market generally seeks for rich blue tanzanite stones, but the romantic lavender color of tanzanite is more affordable and has become more popular among young women in recent years.

【Ring Design】

The petal-shaped claws hold the main stone, just like a delicate flower 🌷. The claws are perfectly integrated into the design. The ring band is not a normal twist, but a band made of interweaving 18K white gold and diamond-studded arms, showing great thought. The exquisite design perfectly matches the romantic lavender tanzanite.

3 Carat Tanzanite Ring. Romantic Lavender

SKU: 0021
  • Lavender tanzanite has a soft purple hue that exudes a romantic feel.Unlike the gemstone market's typical pursuit of intense blue tanzanite, lavender tanzanite is more affordable in price. Therefore, in recent years, many young women have fallen in love with this romantic lavender color.

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