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This aquamarine is shaped in water-drop. It’s transparent and carefully crafted which looks delicate in every angle.

Every aquamarine in JAISHOP is full of the mood of the ocean with Santa Maria in color🌊 which is different from the aquamarine mainly in gray or white in the market.

Customer used a lot of diamonds to surround the solitaire. With the embellishment of the half arm diamonds, the ring is more luxurious and flashing✨


Unseen details - V Claw✌🏻

The ring is embedded with 18k platinum. The tip of the water drop gem is the most fragile part😖so we adopt a V claw in the tip to protect the ring, avoiding damaging this wonderful aquamarine. We welcome customers to provide any suggestion when designing their product.


Moreover, connecting the ring and solitaire is a 18k platinum rod which is hidden in the ring as people usually won’t pay much attention to. Therefore, factories usually make it thinner to limit the budget of the ring. For us, we believe making it thinner will affect the quality of the ring. To create a completely perfect product, we won’t hesitate to use the best quality and materials for keeping details.

❄️Santa Maria Aquamarine - An incredibly luxurious 18K platinum ring.❄️

SKU: 0015
  • 海藍寶石象徵勇敢和幸福,JAISHOP的海藍寶全部都是充滿海洋風味的濃郁Santa Maria色🌊 顏色有別於市面多數偏白或者偏灰的海藍寶。

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