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Luxury jewelry may not depend on its weight only. These two aquamarines are marine blue in color. It’s rare to see Santa Maria Aquamarine in the market. Its detailed cutting shines without adding any filter to view💎✨


This necklace is made of 18K platinum. Customer designed it with less platinum to reveal a bigger gem. It’s named the Perfect Santa Maria Aquamarine necklace by Ms. JAI.


Together with another Aquamarine and 2 diamonds weighted 0.12ct, the necklace creates the mood of drape. It sways elegantly while moving, revealing the beauty and honour of the wearer.

Santa Maria Aquamarine.Flashing Diamond.Light

SKU: 0016
  • Aquamarine symbolizes bravery and happiness, and the sea blue sapphire from JAISHOP is characterized by a rich Santa Maria color that exudes a strong oceanic vibe 🌊 The color is different from most other sea blue sapphires on the market, which tend to be either too white or too gray.

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